The company WEST ELETTRIC S.r.I. was founded in 1987 as a production and marketing company for special industrial electrical safety equipment.
Hard butyl rubber and polycarbonate are chosen as basic components to be used for production, as materials particularly suitable for use in shipyard sites and industrial environments.

Initially, production mainly concerned electrical distribution panels and isolation and/or safety transformers, portable or wall-mounted, necessary to guarantee a high safety standard in critical industrial environments. These particular products were immediately appreciated on the market for their extreme practicality, greater safety and longer working life.

From 1994 to 1998, the tests provided by the CEI 20-37 / 1-2-3 Standards on the raw material (rubber) in the event of induced combustion were carried out successfully by the CSI (MI). These certifications have allowed us to develop products with characteristics suitable for installation in public areas or public show sites and theatres.

In 1995 the tests relative to the CE marking were carried out according to European Directives for the implementation of EEC 73-23 and EEC 93-68, updated to date to the LVD directive 2014/35 / EU. In those years, certification was acquired in accordance with the Standard (EN 60439-4) relating to the construction of ASC type electrical panels intended for use in construction and/or demolition building sites.

In  2015, tests have been executed and thus obtaining new certifications for:

CEI 17-113; CEI EN 61439-1
Low voltage protection and switchgear assemblies (LV switchboards)
Part 1: General rules
CEI 17-114; CEI EN 61439-2
Low voltage protection and switchgear assemblies (LV switchboards)
Part 2: Power panels
CEI 17-117; CEI EN 61439-4
Low voltage protection and switchgear assemblies (LV switchboards)

Part 4: Particular requirements for switchboards for construction sites (ASC)


In the continuation of the work started, the compulsory stage becomes the achievement of the ISO 9002 quality certification obtained on 15/11/02 (Certification Body C.S.Q.) and which we converted on 14/11/2003 into ISO 9001: 2000.

On 06/03/2017 we updated the quality system in ISO 9001: 2015.


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